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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 22, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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making their thanksgiving dinner and spending your time with us. >> this is awesome to hang with us. it's a great christmas. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> bill: it is a busy thanksgiving here in america's newsroom. troops stationed overseas. this is the president doubling down on his desktop. good morning, i am rick leventhal. speaker heavy thanksgiving it's cold outside. >> it is insanely cold. bill and center are off. the president is set to address the troops any moment. we'll bring that to you live as it happens. meanwhile, the president back and forth. a public debate over asylum. >> it all happened when the president criticized a federal judge for all asylum seekers.
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that prompted a rare public review for chief justice rober roberts. president trump hitting back. >> the troops at the border, but we begin with cabin reporting live from west palm beach near the president about spaz resort. any letup in the site over the independence of the judiciary? >> great question. to be honest, i don't think so. at least not for the time being. to be fair, this has actually been a controversy for quite some time. i think some people have been talking about it. it is finally percolating to the surface. the latest example of judicial activism is a repeated use of lower federal courts to issue nationwide injunctions to delay the president policy. we have seen it play out in hawaii. we have seen it play out in california on a number of
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occasions through the ninth circuit. the president, yesterday, was critical of justice decisions. that led the president to note that he was an obama appointee. the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court john roberts said we don't have obama judges or trump judges, what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before they. an independent judiciary is something we should be thankful for. no surprise that the president has been all over this on twitter. even this morning he said this. "justice roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th circuit is a complete & total disaster. it is out of control, has a horrible reputation, is overturned more than any circuit in the country, 79%, & is used to get an almost guaranteed result. judges must not legislate
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security and safety at the border, or anywhere else. they know nothing about it and are making our country unsafe. our great law enforcement professionals must be allowed to do their job! if not there will be only bedlam, chaos, injury and death. we want the constitution as written!" it is also fair to point out that john roberts did not weigh in when president obama was critical of some of the judges decisions around the country. i just want to throw that out there for context. >> as i mentioned at the top of the hour, we are waiting for the conference with service members. what can you tell us about that, kevin? >> this is a time honored tradition. to spend time with those serving abroad. by the thousands, u.s. service personnel are away from their families. they are working like you and me and rick and all of our great
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crew. the president wants to acknowledge that today. it is important to point this out. they are doing great work away from their families on this thanks giving holiday. in many cases, they are doing this even overseas. it is important to point this out. of particular note. there are thousands of u.s. service personnel serving along the border as well. today, the president will be able to say thanks on behalf of a grateful nation, well done. it is the coast guard coming up. back to you from beautiful florida. i wish i could import warm weather your way. >> we thank the troops for sure. we will be looking out for that teleconference as he addresses the troops. we want to say, thank you. we will bring it to life. >> the showdown at our nation's southern border continues. as more american central
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migrants -- allowing troops to use force if needed to protect border patrol agents. yesterday, defense secretary james mattis says that the defense hasn't changed. it is not an unreasonable concern on the part of the president that we may have to back up border patrol. alicia acuna's live in denver with the latest on this. >> hi, good morning, rick. the troops that are currently at the border are actually armed. that is a point that was made by the defense secretary yesterday at the pentagon when he was talking to reporters on this latest authorization. secretary mattis said "we received, late tuesday night, additional instruction authorizing to implement additional measures. we are sizing up with those are. i have talked with folks at the hs. we will keep you posted on any new missions and numbers of troops as those decisions are made. right now, mattis explained that
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the troops continued their work in putting up the wire fencing and barriers. the men and women support members of the national guard deployed by the home state. should things get bad down there, mattis says it is likely unarmed military police will use shields and batons to help out. they continue to process asylum-seekers at a rate of 100 per day. when members of the caravan began arriving, the waiting list was already at 3,000. doctors there are saying they are seeing multiple issues. our crew in mexico talk to jorge lopez. >> he told me the farther we go, the tougher the things. all things will happen to us. >> secretary mattis says the cost at the border stands at
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$72 million. that is likely to go up. >> rick: a kenya in denver , thank you very much. >> in effort among some of the -- lock nancy pelosi from again taking the speaker's gavel. new york democrat join 15 others signing a letter endorsing her. a potential challenger is backing down. chicago mayor, former chairman of the house democratic office releasing a statement of support. "this is no time to have a rookie sitting across the table from mitch mcconnell or donald trump. nancy pelosi is as tough as mcdonnell is, it is time for a speaker that can go toe-to-toe with both of them in support of democratic values, rookies need not apply. let's keep our eye on the prize. they are joining is now.
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the editorial director for "the daily caller." what he think of that? >> i think it is a clear signal that the establishment in the democratic party doesn't like this resistance of nancy pelosi. we also saw from president obama, where is her strong support for nancy pelosi. she should continue to be leader despite growing frustration that she is once again going to have to gargle. they just want to see her go with some of these democrats. >> she is still here. what does this say about nancy pelosi's political staying power? >> it says that she is really used to these types of fights. she knows how to maintain the stranglehold on power and to be at the top of her caucus. she is rallying support from all the people that want to get support back from her. she is buying people off. the number of people is fluctuating, she needs 15 to 17 democrats that can be against her, and she will be okay. >> when you mean buying off, i
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don't understand. >> right. these democrats, in order for them to turn, congressman said that nancy pelosi is out of touch and should not be leader. then, in the last 48 hours, she has given him commitment to lower the age at which medicare recipients can come in. right now at age 55, he wants to lower it to 50. she is making political commitments to him. >> i want to show a tweet now. now supporting nacy pelosi. here is the tweet. "all of the challenges are coming from her right in an apparent effort to make the party even more conservative and bent towards corporate interes interests. hard pass. so long as leader pelosi remains the most progressive candidate for speaker, she maintains my support." what is the first thing in
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pelosi's playbook? present a game plan? what would that look like, and more importantly, how receptive do you think she will be to those new voices in the house? >> i think she's going to have an open air. that is what she's going to try to do here. she's going to try to rein them in from their most radical positions. there is one word nacy pelosi has refused to say over the past few years and it is "impeachment." she has not got as far as her fellow caucus have. she wants to investigate the president of the united states, but she doesn't want the focus to be on how democrats are using the levers of power to constantly harass him. she wants to make it seem like the president deserves this, like there is something that he is doing that is wrong, and convincing democrats that they are being beautiful in looking into the right thing
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rather than simply harassing the president is the gain that she is going to have to execute. >> the democrats are going to be the majority. it is still a house divided. how does nacy pelosi get the republicans in the house to work for her? >> this will be a big one. if the president continues to signal that she wants some of these bipartisan issues like infrastructure on the table, early in this congress, you may see some crossing of the isles to work together on those issues. any bipartisanship will have to happen very quickly. the closer that we get to the te presidential election, the front of the parties get as they campaigned against one another. >> rick: we are still waiting for the president's live teleconference with troops stationed overseas. the dust up between president trump and chief justice roberts is being called unprecedented. but is it really?
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>> hundreds of people are still unaccounted for in a deadly california wildfires. how rain is complicating the cover effort. se>> macy's thanksgiving day parade. how are staying warm? >> no thank you. ♪ right now. we have the power to make sure everyone has clean water. to provide access to education for all. -to rid the world of aids, -once and for all. we have the power. to choose to include. to create clean energy. to raise capital. and be fearless entrepreneurs. to understand different perspectives. we stand behind all our partners working to make a difference. what would you like the power to do?
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>> happy thanksgiving. the mid atlantic states are bracing for a bone chilling temperatures today. a forecast of high 20s for boston, philadelphia, and new york city. winds could hit 25 miles per hour. organizers of the thanksgiving day parade are wary of those
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numbers because of the balloons. the things that we have all loved to see. there have been incidents when attendees have been injured by balloons. are you going to be watching the parade? >> absolutely not. >> i applaud are those are the troopers. >> rick: everybody should do it wants, but not this year. it is just too cold. >> enjoy. ♪ >> put in a major complaint, because you cannot win if you are us, a case in a ninth circuit. this was an obama judge. it is not going to happen like this anymore. the ninth circuit is really something we have to take a look at. because, it is not fair. every case that gets filed in the ninth circuit, we get beaten, and we get up having to go to the supreme court. >> president trump going to a
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federal judge. that criticism prompting a response from chief supreme court justice who said "we do not have obama judges, bush judges, or clinton judges, but we have is an extraordinary group of a store near judges doing their level best to do their equal right to those appearing before them. that independent judiciary is something we should all be painful for her. let's bring in our panel. a former advisor to the hillary clinton campaign, good morning to you both. happy thanks giving. >> thank you. >> federal judges are appointed to the president. by the very nature of the process, we do have obama and bush judges, et cetera. it shouldn't affect their decisions, but it certainly could reflect their past history by which president chose them for their post. right? >> absolutely.
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what john roberts said today sounds like exactly something that a bush judge would say. it is very unfortunate that he felt the need to engage in this debate. what the president was saying today and yesterday is that an independent judiciary is important. we have to have the trip that doesn't mean that they are going to hat really did a great job of differentiating between these two code issues. independent judiciaries should be free from influence by the person who appointed them. that is not what the president is saying. he is saying that there are philosophical differences in these judges. it is time to change that up over there. >> is that criticism fair in your opinion? >> of course it is not. when judges pledge their allegiance to do their responsibility, they do not pledge their allegiance to the
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person to appoints them. they pledge their allegiance to do what is right by the constitution. unfortunately, this president, somehow, believes that judges, or whoever nominates them, that is who they pledge their allegiance to. judges that he is appointed or people he will appoint. that is very unfortunate. i appreciate the chief justice for calling balls and strikes and holding this president accountable. it is unfortunate that some of the political leaders in the legislative branch will not call it the president out and say that it is wrong. that is the problem we have in our politics right now. people do not want to call the president out or cold him accountable when he is wrong. >> it's hard not to notice a pattern coming out of the ninth circuit. sorry, chief justice rogers, but you have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country. it would be great if the ninth circuit were indeed an independent judiciary. but, if it is, why are so many opposing views on border and safety cases filed there?
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why are a vast number of those cases overturned? study the numbers, they are shocking. these rulings are making our country unsafe, very dangerous, and unwise. not much you can do about it, is there? >> it's not. it's very large, it could cover a very large geographical area of the united states. ultimately, we need to appoint more judges there that uphold the constitution. >> do you mean more conservative judges? >> judges that want to accomplish , interpret the restitution as it was written by the founders of the country. democrats think that the constitution is not living, breathing document, republicans don't. that is always going to be a difference. it is the executive branch of authority to appoint people that abide by the constitution and
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hopefully, trump has a lot of opportunities to do that. >> go ahead, antjuan, i want to jump in. >> of course i do. the legislative branch has a responsibility, the executive branch and the judicial branch has a responsibility. what the president is trying to do is shift the blame to the judicial branch. his failures to lead on immigration policies that should have been on while he had a republican congress and a republican senate. it was his failure. you cannot let him pinpoint your play , failures because of the way that they interpret the constitution. at the end of the day, i hope that we do not go down this dangerous path of criticizing the judiciary branch of government. >> we are going to have to leave it there. antjuan, i appreciate your time on this thanksgiving day. >> the oldest survivor on the attack of pearl harbor has passed away. how a hero is being haunted today.
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and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> we are at remembering an hero this thanksgiving. recognized as the oldest surviving veteran of pearl harbor has died at the age of 106. his daughter saying that he passed away peacefully in his sleep in native california. the white house responding on twitter, saying that we are saddest to hear that the oldest living veteran has passed away at age 106. we were honorary to host at the white house earlier this year. thank you for your service to your nation, ray!"
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>> we are working for a plan for reentry in the paradise community. we are hoping to begin the reentry in a couple of days with a structured plan. our hope and plan is true try to give residents 24-hour notice that there is an area that will be open for reentry. we want to get exclusive access so that you can enter into the area, seat your homes, or see what remains of where your homes were. >> a very difficult thanksgiving holiday for people in californ california. still working to recover from those devastating wildfires for at least 86 people have been killed with roughly 500 others still unaccounted for. rain is in the forecast. now, bringing fears of mudslides in areas scorched by flames. let's get an update now from the deputy director of cal fire. michael joins us by phone. thank you for being here with
6:27 am
us. on this thanksgiving day. we will get to that in a moment. if you start with the latest on the fire line, the containment personnel levels, and the preparation to brace for those mudslides. >> right now we have 3,000 firefighters committed across the state on the fire lines. on the campfire, over 153,000 acres. 85% contained. the rainfall over the last 24 hours is definitely minimiz minimized. we are definitely looking at the possibility for mud flows and debris flows. >> how do you deal with that? how do you prepare for that? >> any type of fire, we dispatch what we call watershed emergency response team. we start to stabilized the hillside. we have maps to the local sheriffs, police departments, and emergency responders to show areas of concern, quick neighborhoods might be affected,
6:28 am
so we can alert those areas if we see the type of rainfall that may cause >> is air quality better now that we have moisture in the air? >> there is no question it. the air has improved throughout the region due to the rainfall. >> without rainfall, what is the plan for those that are homeless? houses the rain complicate your recovery efforts? >> i can tell you through the california house of emergency services, priority is to get to those people that are still evacuated, or whose homes have been destroyed into the proper shelter. the rain does hamper it. it makes it much more difficult to go through and create those areas and search for additional personnel and expedite that process. >> as we are speaking, we are showing all of the devastation. it's very tough to look at trip were not only looking at it, you're dealing with it.
6:29 am
you're combating it, if you are i want to ask you, this is not new to you out there, but how for the latest fire strike your personal car? what action do you plan to take in the aftermath? >> i think it has affected first responders nationwide. this is not the new normal. last year, 2017, the destruction weighs heavy on all first responders. we continue to lean forward, look at tactic strategy. also, on the response, it has weighed heavy. the first responders, the people that perished in this horrible tragedy, getting these families back to some type of recovery. >> that is why we praise you and give thanks for you on this case giving day. michael moeller, the deputy of fire out there.
6:30 am
>> thank you so much. >> the trump administration facing outrage over the saudis role in the killing of "the washington post" columnist. the president, this week, defending his decision not to act on the u.s. and tells meant this has the saudi -- order the mortar. >> president trump: maybe he did, maybe he didn't. they did not make that assessment. the cia has studied it a lot. they had nothing definitive. the fact is, maybe he did, maybe he didn't. 've been helping you e and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that, uh, tie. or the suit. or the shirt. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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>> the trump administration facing growing pressure to slap tougher sanctions on saudi arabia. a backlash over washington post columnist by saudi government operatives. defense secretary says that the u.s. must balance human rights concerns with the relationship
6:34 am
around the world. presidents don't always get their freedom to work with unblemished particles in all things. for example, what is going on in yemen. if you want to end the world, you have to deal with saudis. you can't say that i will not steal them. margaret thatcher is there for freedom. incorporated you for being us today. >> it is my pleasure, rick. happy thanksgiving. i'm very grateful to be living in the greatest country on earth. >> i would have to echo those sentiments as well. your reaction to what the president has done on this issue. >> yes, i think you have to acknowledge that the brutal killing of jamaal khashoggi was a horrible thing. there has to be responsive to this. i think that the united states is going to see the big picture here. general mattis pointed out, there is an important relationship between the united states and saudi arabia.
6:35 am
the u.s. certainly has internal dissension. the sanctions wrapping up the pressure coming here as well. at the same time, saudi arabia is an important u.s. strategic partner it has been nice to maintain that alliance. confronting the iranian threat and ices. also ensuring that the chinese and russians do not take advantage of a potential split between the united states and saudi arabia. >> the administration working with its partners in that area is key. they are walking a tightrope. >> absolutely. this is one of the foreign policy scenarios. sometimes, the u.s. has partners do not have a perfect human
6:36 am
rights replica. if you look at the case of turkey, an important u.s. partner in the nato alliance, they have an appalling report in terms of jailing hundreds of journalists. they have detained 140,000. united states still worked with turkey on the international stage. i suspect that the u.s. will continue to work with saudi arabia. while voicing, of course, very strong condemnation of what is a very brutal murder, here. it has to be a strong u.s. response to that. >> the question is, was the response strong enough? some people don't think the president went far enough. here's what they said. >> saudi arabia needs us more than we need them. it is not too much to ask an ally not to butcher a guy in a conflict. >> we have to find a way to keep a relationship, but punish those
6:37 am
involved. >> some critics might say that where the president did and what the administration did wasn't enough to dissuade anyone else in that region or anywhere from doing a similar thing and getting away with it. >> certainly i think we have seen a lot of very strong language coming from congress on this particular matter. i think that you can expect to see further u.s. sanctions applied to specific individuals involved in this act of stage funded murder. the number one issue of the united states faces right now in the middle east is confronting the iranian threat. in the long term, the united states is going to save american lives by confronting iran's nuclear ambitions. saudi arabia is an important partner in confronting that iranian threat. i think we have to view the big picture in terms of u.s.
6:38 am
strategic priorities in the region. we are confronting, in the case of iran, gruesome barbaric regime that poses a deadly threat to the united states and its allies. saudi arabia is a vital component to standing up to iran. we will continue to see very close u.s. cooperation with the saudi regime confronting the arabian threat. >> quickly, as there isn't that much anything that the president should have done that he didn't do? >> the president is taking a realistic approach. the united states government is assessing all of the intelligence that is coming in on this. it is not rushing to judgment on that. i think it is the world superpower, the united states has to take a very careful approach to these things. ensuring that the entire alliance is standing up to the
6:39 am
forces of barbarism and evil on the world stage, especially represented by iran, for example. it is important that we keep that alliance and partnership in place. i think united states is taking a very careful approach to the saudi issue. at the end of the day, i think it is important that the world, itself, take a very considered approach on this matter. >> from the margaret thatcher said of her, thank you very mu much. >> the bill for turkey and all the trimmings can add up. especially if you have your holiday mill at the old homestead in men patent manhattan. the most expensive thanksgiving dinner in the world includes a 25-pound turkey top with gold plates is usually how they do it, plus caviar. not all of the treats are edible. nestled inside the birds are the
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keys to a new maserati. the price of the meal, including the car, is $150,000. >> who is doing that? >> it ain't me. i don't know. >> if they got what they wanted. they got on tv. >> i love their stake. i to say. >> this thanksgiving, you should not have romaine lettuce. there is a massive recall after a nationwide e. coli outbreak more on where officials say it is most likely stemming from. >> pay attention. this food truck
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>> president trump: we will take solace in knowing that all of the american families that you hold so close to your heart, they are all doing well. the nation is doing better than anyone in the road trip it is nice to know that you are fighting, and you're fighting for something that is doing well, and that is our country. i want to begin by welcoming the women and men of the airborne division. these are real warriors. you have the resolute support sustainment brigade.
6:44 am
they are joining us from the airfield in afghanistan. where our soldiers are providing invaluable aid in joint air operations. you are doing an incredible job. a lot of progress has been made. your courage truly inspires us all. we know what you're doing. oftentimes, we are watching it every night during a news. we know it is dangerous. we know that you have at an unbelievable impact. joining us from the airbase in kuwait is the central command response and crisis response. special-purpose marine task force. lieutenant colonel, you are really great marines and the embodiments of honor, courage, and commitment. it is incredible, the job you're doing. i particularly want to congratulate you on the work that you are doing to crush isis
6:45 am
from the air and from the grou ground. really, big, big progress has been made. we like it that way. you have shown incredible courage. i have to say, if you have shown great, great leadership if so, thank you, very much. tina colonel, we will talk with you in a little while. happy thanksgiving as well to captain pat, and all of the sailors aboard the uss ronald reagan. a great ship. your ship's model is one that we embrace every day. peace through strength. that is what the model is for we have that model at home. everywhere, the seventh fleet sales the u.s. ronald reagan is in the during symbol as american power. and really, american goodness, in so many ways. from the united states air force, we are joined by the
6:46 am
455th air expeditionary wing which is supporting operation freedoms sentinel and nato's resolute support. brigadier general david, thank you very much. david is the commander. i want to congratulate you and every minute of the 455th for your outstanding work. not only have you destroyed hundreds of isis, and actually far more than hundreds, and many, many caliban targets, but you protect coalition ground forces throughout the region. you protect them like nobody else. it is incredible, the job you do. i want to thank you all for being on. i have to say general, it is great to speak to you by teleconference, and by phone. because, your reputation is an incredible one. representing the u.s. coast guard, our crewmembers from the shore support teams
6:47 am
that are part of patrol forces, southwest asia hi which is the largest coast guard unit outside of the united states. i am actually going, right now, i'm in palm beach, florida. i'm going over to your local coast guard station. i'm going to spend some great time with the men and women of the coast guard. they have, from a lot of standpoints, you could call it brandy, you could call it whatever you want. the job they have done on hurricanes in this country, they have saved thousands and thousands of people. in texas, they saved over 12,000 people. if you think of what that means, over 12,000 people. they went into sees and areas that nobody else would go into. it was incredible, but they have done in texas. what they did in florida, what they did in puerto rico. the coast guard has really become a symbol of strength and perseverance, and toughness. and genius, actually. it is pure genius.
6:48 am
hello to lieutenant nicholas who was the commanding officer. i also want to congratulate christopher wilson for being selected for letter a school. that's the best. you truly make us proud. that's a big deal, going to that school is like going to the school of finance if you have to be doing what you do. everyone in today's videoconference, i want to thank you all today. we thank god for the blessings of having you people beat our heroes, and you really are our heroes. they love you and respect you, and look forward to seeing you. you are the ones that keep america safe and strong and free. you do a job nobody else. it is really great respect that we all have. you are very much appreciated. like you wouldn't believe, by
6:49 am
the american public, by the citizens of our country. i want to start with the air force. i know that brigadier general david is on the phone. david, tell me about what you do. >> we defend the busiest airfields in afghanistan. we support our teammates and our mission sets, and we deliver airpower throughout the entire region of afghanistan. i know you can't see us right now, but you have 150 air men in that room that would love to say happy thanksgiving to you. what do you say to the president? >> happy thanksgiving! >> president trump: that is really fantastic. how are things going over there? are they looking up? how's it looking to you? you have been there a while. you know what is happening better than anybody. how do you find things are goi
6:50 am
going? >> the taliban and isis are resilient adversaries, but i think we are doing well. we get after them every single day. our objective is to fight the away game. what i mean by that, we never want this adversary to reach our shores again. every airman here is dedicated to keeping this fight away from our shores. we do what we do for america, sir. >> president trump: you said what you said better than anyone. keep it away from our shores. that is why we are building a strong warrior. you probably see on the news what is happening at our southern border territory. large numbers of people, and in many cases, we have no idea who they are. in many cases, they are not good people. they are bad people. large numbers of people are forming in our border. i don't have to even ask you, i know what you want to do. i want to make
6:51 am
we want to be very, very careful. you're right, we are doing it over here. the people at the border, we have the military at the border at the first time. i don't know if there has been a presence like this, but we have a very powerful border now. we have things that people don't even believe. we took all of the broken wall and we wrapped it with barbed wire, i guess you could call it barbed wire plus. no one is getting through these walls. we are going to make sure they are the right people. that is what you and your family want, and all of your families. that's what they want. that is why we are all fighting. we are fighting for borders, we are fighting for our country. if we don't have borders, we don't have a country. we are doing very well at the southern border. we're tough. we get a lot of bad court decisions from the ninth circuit
6:52 am
which has been a big thorn in our sidetrip we always lose, again, and again. and hopefully you win at the supreme court, which we are done. it is a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services, when i tell you how to protect your border, it is a disgrace. so, we are winning, and you are winning, and i appreciate you very much. general, your reputation is an incredible one. thank you very much in doing your job. i will see you back when you're in the united states. or maybe i will see you over there, you never know what is going to happen. >> thank you, mr. president. we appreciate that. >> president trump: thank you to all of the men and women were very spectacular people. next, let's talk to the u.s. coast guard, commanding officer coast guard cutter. it would be lieutenant nick, tell me a little bit about what you do and where you are, and how is it going?
6:53 am
>> good morning mr. president. this is nicholas. here in the room, we have 14 members from patrol forces in southwest asia. we are located in the kingdom of iran, mr. president. our mission out here is to patrol the moves. conduct command and objectives here in the gulf. a lot of our work is partnering in building relationships with the gulf coast countries. so that we have a good standing and resolve here in the iranian gulf. central command ao are. in my opinion, it's going very well for us. >> what do you see the region? are they feeling about things? are they feeling about trade? jade, for me, is a very big subject.
6:54 am
we have been taken advantage of for many, many years by bad trade use. how are you finding things in the region? speak up mr. president, from our perspective out on the water, we are seeing that there is abundant of trade happening. across the raven golf on a daily basis. carrying cargo to enroll. we don't see any issues. in terms of trade, right now, sir. >> president trump: well, you will keep it that way. we want to have free trade and fair deals. not just everybody else. right now, every nation in the world does well, we don't do well with them. that is changing and changing fast. where you are is a big factor in that. i want to thank you very much, nick. great job. as i said, there is no brand that has gone up like the coast guard in the last couple of years because of the work you've done with the hurricanes in this country.
6:55 am
people saw things that they had never seen before. the bravery of your people is going up in waves like record setting. it has been record-setting. one hurricane in texas has dumped more water and was more violent in terms of water than anything we have ever had in the country. you guys went out there and did it like a date in the office. we all really appreciate it. thank you, very much. thank you, very much. >> thank you, mr. president. happy thanksgiving. >> president trump: let's go to the army. the good old army. the result the army. we have colonel stephanie barton of the army. tell us a little bit about yourself and what your focus is on and what you're doing. >> first and foremost, happy
6:56 am
thanksgiving on behalf of the 101st. we are currently located in afghanistan. we are the senior logistics headquarters. it is an away game. in order to fight and win the nation, it is sustainment in logistics. you have true professionals in this room and outside his room that are truly making it happen. if it is in the hands of the fighter, it comes from us to them. we support everything from coalition to joint forces. border to border in the country. >> president trump: goods, how are you finding things in afghanistan know? >> sir, it is good. we are truly the nation happen when it comes to sustainment. we are part of the strategica strategical -- we get it in the war fighters hands. we have a phenomenal team. i can't speak enough about that.
6:57 am
a lot of times, it is the community behind the scenes, which is fine. it is a good, team effort, and it takes support for all to it happen. as mike how many people you commanding right now? >> 13,000. >> president trump: wow, that is a lot of people. that is fantastic, stephanie, that is beautiful. not only is important what you're doing, but you are enjoying what you're doing, is that right? >> absolutely. we truly love it. our formation is a great mixture. we have all of the army combos from the active-duty national guard, we have army civilians and civilian contractors that literally, we all come together and make this mission happen. we do hate that we are not with our family and friends today, but i tell you that we are a close family here. i am truly happy to be part of it. it takes the whole community
6:58 am
from green suiters to civilians. >> we are proud of you. i tell you what, we are proud of your people. please say hello to everyone. have an incredible thanksgiving, and the budget is now at $716 billion. we are getting rid of some of that old equipment that you were using. you see what is going in the best in the world. you see a big difference. it's a big difference from what we had before. we are getting better, and we will be stronger than ever before. with people like you, we feel very confident. thank you very much, happy thanksgiving to all. i will see you when you are ba back. >> that sounds great. we have one last message if that's okay. >> go army! >> president trump: i appreciate that. i really do. we see you all soon.
6:59 am
thank you. from the u.s. marine corps, we have colonel george scheffler. george, are you on? >> this is colonel sam howey. the colonel is doing -- right now. >> president trump: that is great. how's it going over there? >> it is going great, sir. right now, you're basically waiting. we have marines all the way to afghanistan. every day, those marines are ensuring that those -- it is pretty amazing to watch what these men and women are doing with a smile on their face every day. >> president trump: how was the progress coming, would you say? >> i would say that the progress is excellent, sir.
7:00 am
we have moved around those areas and cleared the vast majority of those forces. right now, we are in a good position to continue with the rest of the area. >> president trump: that is very great. i'm hearing very good things. they treat you good over there i imagine? >> they are outstanding. they treat us like gold. we want for nothing. i think everyone could agree that we had a fantastic thanksgiving dinner. >> president trump: that is great. we're good friends, and a good alley. we treat them well, and they treat us well. a lot of good things are happening over there. people are surprised to see how fast things are going around people you have something that is incredible and special. we will get to see you very soon. i will say -- say hello to
7:01 am
everyone else. i want you to have a great thanksgiving. what is the time difference? how many hours between east coast? >> right now, sir, it is 1800. eight hour difference. >> president trump: that is a pretty big time difference. listen, you take care of yourself. say hello to the colonel and everybody. you are special people. very, very special people. we are very proud of you. give my regards to kuwait and everybody. a lot of progress is being made. your country is really doing well. it's really doing well, like it hasn't done before. it is always good to be fighting for something that is working. unlike a lot of countries, this one works well, and it is working better than ever. we will see you when you are back, or see you in some other
7:02 am
place. okay? >> -- >> president trump: thank you very much. take care of yourself. from the u.s. navy, we have a commanding officer captain pat. are you on the phone? >> yes, sir, i am with you. from the over 4800 airmen and sailors above the uss ronald reagan, we are currently in victoria harbor, hong kong. 13 hours ahead of you. it is still thanksgiving here. from all of the sailors on boa board, we are serving for america, we wish you a happy thanksgiving. >> president trump: i appreciate it very much. say hello to everybody be happy thanksgiving to you. the conditioning of the ship is a one?
7:03 am
>> alpha 1, sir, absolutely. we have another big one. the gerald ford is going to be joining you absolutely. how does this compare in size and scope? you know all about that, that is the new one, right? >> yes, sir. size and scope, a good friend of mine left in command of that. size and scope, about the same. certainly some improvements there. the radars and the catapults and gear are slightly different as well. >> president trump: tell me about the catapult system. on the gerald ford, they don't use team, which is the first one that i have heard of that doesn't use steam. i know they have difficulties, which is i am not happy about. they spent a lot of money. i was curious. the steam system is tried and true for many years.
7:04 am
how do you find steam versus what they are doing on the gerald ford, which is electronic and digital, if you can believe it. >> yes, sir. all of our carriers have been using steam for decades. we find it reliable. however, the electromagnetic catapults they are running offer great benefits. like any new piece, you have to work through the bugs. they offer some benefits not only to stress and strain on the aircraft, but other pieces. i have no doubt that we will work that, just as we work through all of her other advancements. we continue to bring it to the enemy when called to do so. >> president trump: as we use the new carriers, will you go with steam or would you go with an electro magnetic? steam is very reliable. the electrical, electromagnetic,
7:05 am
unfortunately, you have to be at einstein to work it properly. what would you do? >> yes, sir. you have to have to be albert einstein to run a nuclear power plant. but we are doing it very well. mr. president, i would go electromagnetic. we do pay a heavy cost for transiting steam around the ship. >> president trump: good, i'm actually happy about that answer, because they are doing what they are doing. that is actually very good answer. pat, how are you seeing things over there? what is going on? >> yes, sir. we have been flying, sailing, and operating everywhere that international laws allow, in full support of our free indo pacific push with our japanese
7:06 am
and other allies. it worked with the japanese here and the australians, canadians. a lot of allies out here. we are certainly their best friend. our allies, and our adversaries worst fear. that is what we want to do. bring peace through strength. >> president trump: you have a six month deployments, approximately? >> sir, we are a little shorter than that. reagan, as your permanently deployed carrier, spends half of the time, each year, out, and half in, getting maintenance work on it. each of the sailors and airmen spend 3-5 years out here with us at a time. before going back to an stateside assignment. we are honored to be serving the nation. >> president trump: why is it that the reagan is only permanently deployed of all the aircraft carriers? was it set up for that? or just happens to be?
7:07 am
>> yes, sir. we have worked a single aircraft carrier out in japan for decades, now. reagan took that role in 2013. i'm sorry, that is not quite right. 2016. plus, it switches out to different carriers out here for different period of time. it was george washington before us, and a few of the conventional carriers, going way back to midway. we have been doing that for a while. it is an infrastructure piece that takes quite a bit of infrastructure to make that wo work. we get a lot of presence out of it from the region. >> do you feel safe in the region? do you see or aggression? we are hearing a little bit about aggression from a couple of the players. what are you feeling? >> yes, sir.
7:08 am
we have safe and independent operations out here throughout the theater. we do feel safe. there have been a couple of close calls, but in most cases, the vast majority, they are professional navies. we have no doubt that we can bring -- we bring the u.s. interest to the theater. we expect that to continue into the future. >> president trump: that is great. i want to wish you a happy thanksgiving. say hello to everybody in the navy. just in closing, i want to wish everybody a really, really happy thanksgiving. we will see you when you are back. maybe i will see you over there. but, it is a great honor to talk to you and know everything about what everyone is doing. you are doing an incredible job. your keeping us safe. we all miss you back here. we will be seeing you soon. on behalf of the whole country, i want to thank you for what you're doing. very, very special people. men and women that are just
7:09 am
incredible people. you are highly respected. i tell you what, i don't think you hear it enough, but our country has such respect for you and the job you do. happy thanksgiving, and he will see you soon. >> happy thanksgiving! >> president trump: thank you, all. great people. they are great people. >> are you looking forward to go to afghanistan or the middle east? >> president trump: we're going to do interesting things at the appropriate times. excuse me? i do. but i can't tell you. you're the last people i can tell. how is everything in florida doing? the weather is good? florida? welcome to the southern white house. >> reporting --
7:10 am
>> president trump: i don't want to talk about it. you will have to ask them. the reporter is coming along very well. it has become very strong. we are getting terrible decisions in the ninth circuit as usual. i don't know if we have ever had a victory in the ninth circuit you will have to appeal and appeal it. a vast number of their decisions get overturned, generally speaking it is a shame. it is a disgrace, frankly. essentially, they are legislating. some judge sitting in some location very far away is telling our incredible military and law enforcement what to do. it is not right. it has been going on like that for a long time. we are doing really well, considering the laws are a disaster. if we had the right laws, it would be a lot less expensive, and we could do it easier. but, we don't have the right laws. we have people interpreting laws, and they give us about
7:11 am
interpretation. so, hopefully, we have shown light on the ninth circuit. our chief justice roberts, john roberts, has been speaking a little bit about it. i have a lot of respect for him. i like him and i respect him for i think we have to use some common sense. everybody knows that it is totally under control. what they are doing, what they're saying, the opinions are very unfair to law enforcement. they are very unfair to our military. they are very unfair to the people of our country. i'm keeping them safe. you see how we fortify things. all of that vast amount of finding that you see at the border is taking place in mexi mexico. mexico cannot believe how tough these people are. the mayor of tijuana and so many others have said, boy, these are tough people. to start fighting right away. they are tough people.
7:12 am
there are many criminals in the caravan. the big caravan hasn't arrived yet. we are very well fortified. we have fencing and walls like very few people have. we have been able to do it quickly. we have wire. so many other things are there, now, though they didn't have. they are not coming through. we're not letting criminals into our country. you have to come in legally through a process. we want people to come in. i have many, many companies moving back into the united states. they are opening up car plants, factories, all over the country. united states is booming. have the lowest unemployment. essentially, most groups have ever had. so, we have a lot of good things happening. we need workers. but, they have to come in legally. we want them to come in. but they had to be people that want to work and do a great job
7:13 am
for our country. they come in through our merit system. that the comment, enter the democrats come out they don't have a merit system. people can flow in. you have commendably dangerous people in those caravans. we do not want them coming into the united states. we're not not going to let them. we are throwing out ms-13 and so many others. we are throwing them out of our country by the thousands. they got in here over the years. we are throwing them out by the thousands. we are making towns safe. we are doing an excellent job. we are getting hurt by the ninth circuit very, very badly. everybody files in the ninth circuit. i haven't seen anybody file anyplace else. they automatically go to the ninth circuit. they could go to any place in the country. we're going to have to stop at somehow. the judges are going to have to get together, or congress is going to have to get together and stop it. they are taking advantage of our country by filing, consistently.
7:14 am
and always, just about, that i see, in the ninth circuit. even our legislation that we did have passed, it fails in the ninth circuit. it failed in the ninth circuit appeal. and on in the supreme court. it is a shame. because, it is really hurting people. it is hurting our law enforcement tremendously. now that the military is on the border, it is really hurting our military. frankly, when they hear of these decisions, these are professionals. the military, the law enforcement, the first responders, they cannot believe the decisions made by these judges. this is what they do. they do law enforcement, law and order. and they get these decisions and say, who makes these decisions? they are not into lawyer things. they say, who makes these decisions? who are the people that are giving these decisions that are going to make it unsafe for us, meaning law enforcement and military, m and making it unsafe for the nine states? so, despite that, we have a very
7:15 am
powerful border and a lot of things are happening. >> are you concerned that -- other world leaders? >> president trump: nodded. saudi arabia has been a long time, strategic partner. they are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in our country. i mean, hundreds of billions. they are keeping the oil prices low. i see that yesterday and one of the papers, i was blamed for causing traffic jams because i had to oil so low. i have the oil prices low because i am job owning them to keep them low. no one does that. no president ever today. it is now at a low number. i got beat up for that where they said the president has the gasoline so low that he is causing traffic jams. can you believe this one? that is one nobody ever thought of. anyway, traffic jams. we want low traffi oil prices.
7:16 am
they have pumped out a lot more oil than was going to be pumped up i called them about four weeks ago. four weeks ago, it was 82, 83, and going up to 100 that would have doubled or tripled your prices at the car for gasoline. instead, you have very low gas prices all over the country. that is because of what i did, and saudi arabia help us. very importantly, they are investing billions of dollars. they are buying their equipment from us. remember this. i don't have to buy it from us, they could buy it from russia, and they could buy it from. they make very good equipment. they don't make as good of his equipment as we make, nobody does could not even close. but they make very good equipment. they can spend that money and russia, china, and other places, and that is not acceptable. they didn't conclude. josh, they didn't conclude. i'm sorry.
7:17 am
no, they didn't come close. they did not come to a conclusion. they have feelings, certain ways. you can ask. no one has concluded. i don't know if anyone is going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it. i will say this. i don't know. i don't know. whether he did, or whether he didn't, he denies it. his father denies it, the king. the cia doesn't say they did it. they do point out certain things. in pointing out those things, you can conclude that maybe he did, or maybe he didn't. there was another part of the false reporting. because, a lot of you said yesterday that they said he did it. they didn't say that, for said he might have done it. there was a big difference. they are denying it. we have hundreds of thousands of jobs. two people really want me to
7:18 am
give up hundreds of thousands of jobs? frankly, if we went by the standard, we wouldn't be able to have anybody as an ally. look at what happens, all over the world. you could also take a look at iran, syria millions of people have been slaughtered horribly. you take a look at what is going on in iran. the vicious, vicious situation that is taking place there. the number of people that are being killed and slaughtered. you take a look all over the world. let's not deal with anybody. the fact is, saudi arabia is tremendously helpful in the middle east. if we didn't have saudi arabia, we wouldn't have a big base. we wouldn't have any reason, probably, i mean, if you look at israel. israel would be in big trouble without saudi arabia. what does that mean? israel is going to leave? do you want israel to leave? we have a very strong ally and saudi arabia. they said they did not commit,
7:19 am
at the top level, the crown prince, the king, they did not commit this atrocity. it is an atrocity. it is a terrible thing. i just like it more than you do. but, the fact is, they have been a very strong ally. they create tremendous wealth. they create a tremendous number of jobs in their purchases. very importantly, they keep the oil price down. if you want to see a global depression, all you have to do is lift the oil price $50 per barrel, which could happen very quickly once we lose that relationship you i hate the crime. i hate the cover-up. i will tell you this. the crown prince hates it more than i do. and they have denied it. the cia points it both ways. as i said, maybe he did, maybe he didn't. but, i will say very strongly, it is a very important alley. if we go by a certain standard,
7:20 am
we won't be able to have allies with almost any countries. >> who should be held accountable? >> president trump: maybe the world should be held accountable. the world is a vicious play script the world is a very, vicious place. you look at what is happening in china. you look at what is happening in so many different countries. when you look at what is happening with terrorism all over the world, that is the other thing, they are putting up tremendous amounts of money. they fight terrorism. if they were part of terrorism, nobody's going to try and justify that, they were a big part of it. they are spending a lot of money. they are opening up and doing a lot of things that are very good. they are really opening up that country for a lot of good people until this happened, there are a lot of people saying a lot of good things about their crown prince. he strongly denounce it. my policy is very simple.
7:21 am
america first, keep america great again. that is what i'm doing. we are doing it better than anybody thought was possible. to who? >> the truth. at what point do you want to withdraw troops from afghanist afghanistan? >> president trump: we are looking. i just spoke to afghanistan, as you know. you're always looking to do whatever is right. we have very strong negotiations in afghanistan to the a lot of people don't know about. this may be the first. we are in very, very strong negotiation in afghanistan. we will see what happens. if something happens, that would be a great thing. i would be happy about that. i really think the people of afghanistan, they are good fighters. they fought for a long time. they fought a lot longer than week 1. they've been fighting for many, many, many decades. i think they are tired of fighting. we will see what happens. but we are talking about peace.
7:22 am
>> you have negotiations? >> president trump: we have negotiations going on. we don't know if they are successful. they might be, they might not be. you know my attitude on all that stuff, whether it is north korea or all of that stuff. maybe they will be successful, maybe they won't, but we have negotiations going on in afghanistan. >> what is going on today? >> president trump: no one has more going on than the military. i took the budget. i'm not going over to the coast guard where i did last year, and i will probably a lot. we are going to the coast guard. i really believe that nobody, in fact, a number of generals were on television over the weekend, unrelated, they mentioned the fact that nobody has done, as a
7:23 am
president, for the military, in a long time, when i have done. i have taken spending gimmick where you had a depleted military that wasn't being fixed. it was a mess. it frankly put us in danger. i convinced seven, congress to give a $760 billion for the military. have done more for the veterans than anybody else ever done. they've been trying to get choice for many years. the veteran can go directly to a doctor instead of waiting in line for two months and two weeks, and three weeks. amount of times that are unthinkable to anybody, including yourself. i've done more than anybody else, certainly in many, many years, and probably in many decades. >> are there any updates on the troops that will be sent to the border? >> president trump: we are going to have a strong border. our southern border is going to be very strong. you heard me speaking to some of
7:24 am
the folks just now in different parts of the world. they are so proud of the job they are doing. we've got to have borders. if you don't have borders, you do not have a country gripped the democrats want open borders, they want people coming in. many of those people are criminals. okay? they have been so judged. we know who they are. they have records. some very substantial criminal records. some very bad criminal records. they are in the caravan. he saw what happened in tijuana, where a number of the people said, these are tough people. they start fighting. they have fistfights all over the streets. these are not normal, innocent people. these are people, you talk to them and they start a fistfight. i don't want that in this country. okay? >> president, what about the idea that the military uses force? >> president trump: if they have to, they will use lethal force.
7:25 am
if they don't have to. you're dealing with a minimum of 500 serious criminals. i'm not going to let the military be taken advantage of. i have no choice. do i want that to happen? absolutely not. you're dealing with real people. you asked the people in tijuana, mexico. they opened up with white arms, to come in, come in, let me help you. let us take care of you. within two days, now, they are going crazy to get them out. they want to them out. because, things are happening. bad, bad things are happening in tijuana. not in this country, because we have closed it up for two days ago, we closed the border. nobody is coming in, because it was out of control. you take a look at tijuana, mexico, and see what is happening there. it is really a bad situation. >> what do you mean that nobody is coming in? >> president trump: if we find that it is uncontrollable, josh, if he gets to a level where we
7:26 am
are going to lose control, or people are going to get hurt, we're going to close entry to the country for a period of ti time. the whole border. i mean, the whole border. mexico will not be able to sell their cars into the united states, where they make so many cars. a great benefit to them, not a great benefit to us, by the way. but at least, now, we have a new trade deal with mexico and canada. but, we will close the border. that means that mexico is not going to be able to sell their cars into the united states until it is open. but, we're going to have a border. when they lose control of the border on the mexico side, we close the border. we have a very powerful border. we built a very strong border in a very short period of time for the job they have done -- and by the way, border patrol and ice, all of the law enforcement that we have involved, we have local law enforcement too. have done an incredible job. they wanted this for years. in the first president that is
7:27 am
done it to this extent. they wanted this for years. and some of the presidents, i guess they didn't care, or they wanted open borders, i don't think they wanted open borders. because, most of them, if you go back to 2006, they approved a wall. a very powerful fence, which is pretty much the same thing. in 2006, if you look, obama, three clinton, all of the people that are standing, i think it id for them politically. i think it is very bad for them politically. i think the fact that they are weak on the border is very, very bad for them politically. i've only been a politician for three years. maybe they know better than me. [laughter] >> the wall -- >> president trump: it could happen over border security. the wall is part of border security. probably the most important part. could there be a shutdown? there certainly could be it will be about border security in which the wall is a part.
7:28 am
>> do you think they are doing a good enough job? >> president trump: she is in there trying. it is a tough job. yesterday, she gets a ruling that things that we are doing, a judge, that knows nothing about it, decided to take law enforcement into his own hands and gives a ridiculous ruling. we will appeal it. but, it makes the job harder. we're still doing the job perfectly, but it makes the job harder and more dangerous. because i judge made a ruling that was shocking. okay? >> going back to the idea of setting on the border, what would it take to reconnect it? >> president trump: i've already shut it down for short periods. i have already shut down parts of the border, because it was out of the control with the writing on the other side. in mexico. i said, shut it down. >> what does that look like, exactly? to shut on the border? >> president trump: you see it, it took place two days ago.
7:29 am
i signed in order. >> do you need a copy of that? >> president trump: you don't need it. that's not that big of a deal. maybe to some people it is. i want to have a strong border. a lot of people, we need them. you have to come in through merit, and that the comment legally. there a lot of people millions of people that have been waiting in line for years to become citizens of our country. great people that went to a whole process. these people come in and i think they're going to walk in. it is a very unfair thing to all of the people that have been waiting in line, and some cases, for many years. they have done it right, but they don't think they have done it right, because they say, how can we do it right, and we go through this very complicated legal process. they have lawyers and everything else, and have people rushing through the border. it is not happening, with me. you can tell from the border. the problem that we have, is that i've created, and help
7:30 am
create a country that is doing better economically, so a lot of people are coming up here. their countries are not doing well. perhaps, for a reason, but for whatever that reason is, their countries are not doing well. i will take a couple more. anybody else? >> what about this meeting with the president? how confident are you? >> president trump: i am very prepared. i've been preparing it all my life if i know every ingredient, i know every statistic. i know better than anybody knows it. my gut has been right. we are doing very well. dino very much wants to make a deal. china has been take advantage of the united states for many, many years. they have taken out four, five, and $6 billion a year. that is not include the theft of intellectual property. that has been horrible, what they've been doing. i think i have for this meeting. i had a meeting, literally, right in the corner with the
7:31 am
president. we have a great relationship. i like him a lot i think he likes me. probably less than he did before we are doing what we're doing. but, we picked up trillions of dollars in value, and china has lost trillions of dollars in value since i am president chileans, many trillions of value. we picked up many trillions of dollarss in value. we are a true economic power, far greater than we were before i became president. we are an economic power that is far greater then we were. when i took over, we were teetering. we were in bad shape. we were going down to minus four, minus 6% in gdp. last quarter, we had 4.2%. we are doing very well. i can say this, china wants to make a deal very badly. because of the tariffs. right now, on $250 billion, they
7:32 am
will be paying as of january 1st, 25%. in many cases, they are already paying 25%. on the rest, they are paying 10%. and so, they are going to be paying a tremendous amount of money, which, frankly, is great for our country. we are taking in billions of dollars from china. we never took in $0.10 from china. they are taking everything from us, we never took anything from them. right now, we are taking in billions. china -- the people don't understand this. china, as right now, paying us, right now, paying us billions of dollars a month. that has never happened before. and soon, they are going to be paying us many, many billions of dollars per month. china wants to make a deal. if we can make a deal, we will be >> finances -- >> president trump: he is a highly respected person. once i choose somebody come out go through hell. but, matt whitaker is a highly
7:33 am
respected man. the justice department respects him tremendously. i've spoken to a lot of people. the press has been nasty to matt whitaker. i can tell you that he is a highly respected, strong person. and he is doing a great job everybody tells me that people use doing a really great job. speak up when you break him back to the united states? >> president trump: now, i haven't been asked to people i don't know anything about it. i'm not familiar with all situation. i would say that if somebody made a request, it is something we consider crib i don't know very much about the situation. okay? >> are you seeing new jobs in your administration? >> president trump: i am very happy with my cabinet. people that work for me. and for us, and work for the country. we have a great cabinet. we have absolute stars.
7:34 am
a few of them, i would say, could do very well at side for everyone is doing well when they leave. i will tell you that. everyone that leaves the trump administration has come out really well. i'm very proud of them. they are doing a fantastic job. she is a fantastic, young woman. i'm very proud of her. look how she's doing. she has become a very important person in the outside world. we had many such people where they work here for 1.5 years, or for a period of time, and they go outside, and the do very well. any of them. that is what i want to see. there is a lot of change. we will probably be changing a couple, may be a few, but very little. overall, we are very happy. >> are we going to do interviews this week? >> president trump: yes, i will do interviews. people like doing interviews here. >> who you interview? >> president trump: i will let you know. you will be saying it. maybe i will.
7:35 am
i have, actually. very innocent, a short period of time, very early on. there was no deletion of emails like that 33,000 plus, like hillary clinton did after she got a subpoena. there was no bleach bit, if anything, just in the sent emails, no classified emails. it's another fake news story for she did transition out. she is a private person, and ultimately, she transitioned out from private to government to i believe that all of her records are on the historical society under historical records. much different than the other situation that i talked about for a long time. she transitioned out. everything is and who historical records. i will see you over at the coast guard. i'm going over to say hello to the coast guard, which i look forward to. i don't know if you're going, but i will see you there. thank you all, very much.
7:36 am
>> president trump, there. >> president trump: having made a tremendous difference in this country, i've made a tremendous difference in the country. this country is so much stronger now when i took office, you would believe it. you see it, but so much stronger that people can't even believe it. when i see foreign leaders, they say we cannot believe the difference in strength between the united states now, and the united states, two years ago. we made a lot of progress. thank you, very much. >> and there is a wrap, after almost an hour. at the very end, president trump taking various questions from reporters. he started out with a teleconference their troops and all part of the world. thanking them for a job well done. telling them that he is proud of them. praising them for their incredible courage and great leadership, getting a firsthand account from all parts of the
7:37 am
world. the president, taking the turn to le let them know how he is dg with his border patrol and border security, et cetera. listen, the president has a lot on his mind. is letting everyone know about it. >> he covered a lot of ground. >> he certainly did. >> he focused on issues that are important to him right now including the ninth circuit and plans for changing immigration laws, and the security at the border. he spoke at length about that. not just with the press, but also with members of the military. he was thanking them for their service. also referencing the issues that are most important to him on this thanksgiving day. >> i want to bring in our legal panel, now, because it was a thanks given day buffet of topics that they cover. we're going to get reaction from our legal panel. the founder of ceo and senior partner at janco legal and also jesse weber is the attorney and
7:38 am
host at the long crime network. i will start with you, brian. the president wrapped up saying that china wants to make a deal, really badly. he said it is because of the tariffs. what is your take on that? >> thanks, happy thanks giving. i think more than trade, he was doing an ad for indeed, people leaving the white house as far as appointment. that was pretty impressive. with trade, and what he is talking about with china, that is important from a legal perspective. what are we getting close to? we are close to the end of the year and businesses making their budgets for 2019. every time the president talks about trade, and it sounds in tariffs or trade war, thought concerns companies. i see that all the time. when i was listening to today sounded optimistic. i think that is going to help folks as they are budgeting for what they are doing, internationally. >> jesse, the president said he
7:39 am
is willing to shut down the southern border if he does give a needs to gain control as he sees it, of the border. what is your take on that? >> first of all, happy thanksgiving. this could become a happy dialect very collocated situation they can now act in a lawn force meant capacity but nothing the last thing that this administration wants is a violent sola southern border. it is going to be a chaotic place. asylum agents who are supposed to determine these issues of who can be granted access to the u.s., there's only so much that they can do. i think it is for the best that the military, at least has the option for crowd control, and helping to protect border agents. we have to be very careful of what the result is going to be. the last thing that we want is violence there. that is not good for anybody involved.
7:40 am
in light of the decision in the ninth circuit, this is just another example of how we have to say yes. the courts can only do so much. if there is such a serious issue, we have to go back to congress and review all of the laws in this country, regarding immigration and the treaties that were part of the courts. they can only do their part. >> brian come if you have anything to say about that? if not, i want to move on. >> yes, just really quick. on the courts, the president, striking back on the ninth circuit for the one thing at the audience needs to know, the president is right on this ultimately, the courts are biased. they do have political opinions. they try to put them in check, but the president is touching on something important. >> i do think that affects americans? the supreme court is supposed to be all about the law, about the constitution. how is that, based on what you said, brian, i do feel that americans would react to this?
7:41 am
they believe that politics will tip the scales of justice. >> that is a great question. ultimately, the case that we are talking about was brought by the aclu in san francisco. we are going to watch football later today. the cowboys picked to play their home game in dallas. they didn't play washington against the redskins. they would do that. that is what the aclu did in trying to move on this order that the president put in place. they are forum shopping. for average americans, they see with the president points out, all the time. let's call it baloney. somebody is saying something in court, or these justices, that there is no bias. in reality, this is how this works. my good friend, jesse, would agree. justices are humans, and they have their biases. most folks in the court system would understand that. >> this is going to be a chock-full question. give me a short answer. the president seemed to defend and has ambiguity towards mohammad bin salman.
7:42 am
anything about that? >> what difficult position to put the president in. first of all, we don't have all the facts. the question is, who should be held responsible? that is an accurate statement. the question becomes, who did this? as an attorney, you tries to see who is responsible, reliable people to go out, and say, without further evidence, and we don't have all of the information that president trump has, but who in that administration in saudi arabia and that regime, who actually has more information about what happened, it is hard to say, one way or another. you cannot point the finger and blame someone without concrete evidence. at the same time, when you have an ally like saudi arabia, you are the u.s. and the president and a very, very tenuous predicament. yet to be very careful. he answered those questions, today, the best that he possibly could. >> thank you for rolling with the punches. we have to leave it there.
7:43 am
happy thanks giving to you both. >> with all of those issues facing us today, we have so many reasons to be thankful. we expand how showing gratitude can change your life. as we here for more troops overseas. >> if this is the commander of the third brigade, first armored division. >> i am commander mike oliver. >> i want to say to our soldiers, family, and friends back home at fort bliss. >> your soldiers are doing an amazing job out here in korea. chester is taking care of them. >> on half of the bulldog brigade, -- >> happy thanksgiving! no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema on the surface of your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin might actually be causing your eczema. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid,
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7:47 am
your digestive system has billions of bacteria but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. >> in case you forgot, today is a time to give thanks for the blessing in your life. those who say that doing that more often and change your life for the better. pastor joins us now. he is a fox contributor. thank you for being with us.
7:48 am
>> you, too route >> you think that we should be giving thanks every day, not just on this day, but maybe skip the turkey and stuffing every day. >> [laughs] maybe so, that is a great point. we don't have to wait until one time a year when we are stopping ourselves with turkey to say that we are grateful. thanksgiving, or expressing gratitude can and should be a regular part of our lives. studies have shown that those who regularly express gratitude to god and others for the good things in her life have 35% fewer symptoms of depression. have better quality of sleep by 25%. they are even motivated to exercise 40 minutes more awake than average people. that is essentially good news after today, i suppose. that is why the bible saves we ought to be abounding, overflowing with thanks giving. >> you say expressing gratitude is good for the soul in the body? >> that is exactly right.
7:49 am
a lot of people think, i don't feel grateful, how can i act grateful? a great principle is, right feelings follow right actions. you start to act grateful, you will start to feel grateful. after all, there is a reason we call today thanksgiving, and not thanks feeling. >> you say there are two things that we should be doing everyday, what are they? >> first of all come up drift off to sleep every night, think of three positive things that happened to you during the day. thank you god for them. there was a famous study that said that people who dwell on positive things have a much better quality of life before they drift to sleep than those who focus on the negative things. we get to choose where we focus, on the good things, or the pathing script focus on the good things, and thank you god for them. make a habit of jotting an email, sending an email, a text to those that do something for
7:50 am
you. when you have a life that is filled with thanksgiving, it's not only blesses you, but encourages those around you. we all need encouragement during these days. >> pastor robert jeffress, we appreciate your thoughts and sentiments. thank you very much. have a wonderful thanksgiving. and i fall asleep at night, i think about my next home improvement project. >> let your light of gratitude shine mr. rick leventhal. yes, yes. the parade is happening today. parade watchers are braving some bitterly cold temperatures this thanks giving. the folks in new york city are coping. ♪ that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico...
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> happy thanksgiving, everyone. new york city is bracing for what could be the coldest thanksgiving and more than 150 years. he knows because he is right in the middle of it. brian. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. everyone back at home.
7:55 am
this parade, the thanksgiving day parade is now officially the coldest things giving day parade ever. it beats the record that was tied in 1930. 21 degrees then, this morning, it was 20 degrees. i can tell you that it feels like one because of the gusty winds. speaking of those gusty winds, it was a concern moving into today's thanksgiving parade, whether or not they could even put those 16 gigantic blooms that they inflated, last night, if they could put those in the air. fortunately, they could be the winds were not as strong as i thought it would be. they thought that at 23 miles an hour or more, they would have to put those plumes down. what we have seen today, the balloons have been brought down, a little bit. that is good news for the folks that i've been here and been watching this parade since early this morning. 7:00 a.m. 3.5 million people along the parade route. yesterday, the mayor warned folks before they came out here.
7:56 am
take a listen. >> get ready for an amazing parade, but put on every layer that you have in your household. where every glove that you could find, every scarf, hand warmers, whatever you got. you're going to need it tomorr tomorrow. >> i can confirm that everyone has everything on in terms of cold weather gear. by the way, big performances, diana ross, john letson, it has been a beautiful event, even though it is bitterly, bitterly cold. >> diana ross is going to be hot, even in this cold weather. thank you very much. >> he said, a very unusual public escalating people is pushing back on a ninth circuit judge. her coming up. act of kindness. an old friend. a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration.
7:57 am
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>> president trump wrapping up a thanksgiving call to troops overseas which turned into a wide-ranging question and answer session with reporters. the president again slams the ninth circuit court of appeals, and slammed back on chief justice john roberts appeals. happy thanksgiving, welcome to inside america's newsroom. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you as well. it started with the president criticizing the federal judge that blocked the asylum band which led to chief justice roberts rejecting the president's assertion that this
8:01 am
judicial system is biased. president trump responding with a tweet this morning. writing, "justice roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th circuit is a complete & total disaster. it is out of control, has a horrible reputation, is overturned more than any circuit in the country, 79%, & is used to get an almost guaranteed result. >> rick: it, >> good to be with you my friendship i don't think there's any doubt that the chief justice would love to slowly feed back into the world of idealism. trying to defend the notion of judicial independence, he certainly stirred up a hornets nest when he talked about the president comments. let me give you the back story for the folks at home i did not get a chance to hear about this. chief justice roberts was effectively trying to defend judge john tigers decision to
8:02 am
issue a nationwide injunction. here the president thought it was another example of judicial activism coming from the often overturned ninth circuit. he blamed tiger who was appointed by president obama but i being "obama judge." chief justice roberts weighed in and here's what he said. >> we don't have obama judges, clinton judges, but we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do evil right to those appearing before them independent judiciary is something that we should all be thankful for." well, today during a conference call, the president again noted the repeated unfair treatment's administration has received from the ninth circuit. >> president trump: the ninth circuit which has become a big thorn in our side. we always lose, again, and
8:03 am
again, and hopefully win at the supreme court. it is a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services, when they tell you how to protect your border. it is a disgrace. >> justices thomas and dorset have remarked that this is a particular problem. in these lower-level, federal judges, making his federal wide injunctions. they can overrule the entire administration's policies, at least for a time. they can push it back. you and i know that there is no guarantee that the supreme court might hear the cases as they go through the courts, especially as they wind their way through the ninth circuit. this is a problem that has been ongoing, to say the least. >> rick: indeed, kevin, we will have more on this throughout the hour. >> arthel: as we have another fox news alert, house republicans issuing a subpoena to former fbi director james coleman, they reportedly wanted to ask him and foreigner
8:04 am
attorney general loretta lynch about their decision-making during the 2016 election. mr. comey says he is happy to answer questions, but wants the public to be at the hearing. she is live in washington. comey says he wants the hearing to be public there's going to be one. >> that's right. the house judiciary committee has sent subpoenas to james comey and formally attorney general loretta lynch. they want them to appear before the committee, to testify at a disposition. he confirmed that he has received the subpoena. "happy thanksgiving, got a subpoena from house republicans. i'm happy to sit in the light and answer all questions. but, i want to resist a closed-door thing, because i have seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. let's have a hearing and invite everyone to see."
8:05 am
republicans, including the chairman of the committee, republican bob goodlatte prefer a closed-door session. >> we wants to complete this investigation, and will make all of the transcribed interviews available to the public. so that they can see, exactly, what we have been investigating. we are not going have him testify to the public, so people can see him testify, and suddenly their testimony seems to match up with his spirit >> he may would be retiring, but this will be the final act as chairman to make comey appear as chairman before power of the house judiciary shifts to the democrats. they are expected to take over and said last week, it is unfortunate that the outgoing majority is resorting to these tactics. he says that he wants to question comey to discuss their decision-making during the presidential race. including how they handled the clinton email case and the trump-russia collusion case.
8:06 am
why he says they were treated differently. >> arthel: thank you very much for that report. >> rick: for more of our top stories, a springer white house correspondent. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me, and happy thanksgiving. >> rick: what is your reactio reaction? >> i think that this is something that we have seen conservatives and the house wanting for quite a while. he is repeatedly called for along with good lot and others on the committee for comey and lynch to testify in what happened in the lead up to the election. >> rick: the president went off this morning on the ninth circuit. your reaction to his comments? you think its complaint or? >> we think the president is showing frustration. the congress hasn't been able to get his border wall funny.
8:07 am
when he tries to use executive actions, like he did with the travel ban, and the asylum move, these are consistently being blocked at circuit court levels. what he is trying to point out is, what is going on? if we can't get this done through congress, and i can't get this done, what is happeni happening? >> rick: the president says he is looking for common sense rulings. the opinions being issued by the ninth circuit court are unfair to law enforcement, to our military, and the people of our country. his hands are tied. what can i do about it? >> there are two things he can do. congress could actually go through and make laws and uphold some of these things that he wants. push his agenda, or reform the immigration system in such a way that you get protective order, and such a way that you can deal with some of these asylum cases. you don't have the backlog that we already do. on the other way, --
8:08 am
specifically in the ninth circuit, conservatives have long argued that you could pick up the ninth circuit into multiple portions. you could put some different judges on there to make things up and have fair or accurate rulings. the ninth circuit, while it does shut down some of trump's rulings, and previous presidents, it doesn't overturn or rebuke as many cases as many other courts. the supreme court ultimately has power to make a final say. not all cases go there. it is not the be-all and end-a end-all. >> rick: clearly the president is frustrated with that particular guard. chief justice roberts rebuked trump for comments he made about a justice decision. i don't remember him attacking president obama. >> precisely. the president attacking a
8:09 am
sitting chief justice is unprecedented in modern times. we haven't seen that. obama did, kind of, i candidly attacked alito at a press conferences a few years ago. to have a president take some swipes at judges is not unprecedented. if you look back at chief justice john marshall, years and years ago, that was the last time that we saw president and the chief justice go in public. >> rick: we appreciate your time. happy things giving to you. we do expect to hear more from the president and the next few minutes, perhaps, when he visits the coast guard station. >> arthel: meanwhile, the president is warning that the u.s. would have a lot to lose if we broke ties with saudi arabia. should they be held accountable? for the murder of washington columnist jamaal khashoggi. >> rick: went the president paying tribute to our military.
8:10 am
his message to the troops is coming up next. >> mr. president, i know you cannot see us right now, but you have 150 airmen in this room, i would love to say happy thanksgiving to you. what do you say to the president? >> happy thanksgiving! you see c. you see me. you see c. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
8:11 am
if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me now. i'm still clear. how sexy are these elbows? get clear skin that can last. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx.
8:12 am
>> arthel: the president visiting the coast guard. let's listen in. >> president trump: i just want to thank you. enjoy the sandwiches. they look like very good sandwiches. i don't want one. [laughter] they look big. i would gain 5 pounds. i want to thank you all very much. let's take some great pictures. we are just celebrating the coast guard. it has to be celebrated. i made the speech at the coast guard academy. how many people went to the coast guard academy? where is the coast guard acade academy?
8:13 am
we did a big speech, up there. we met some tremendous people. i'm surprised more people don't have their hands up if you went to a lot of other schools, great schools. that is very good. it is honored to be with all of you. let's have some fun. where would you like to -- right here? >> we will crowd in, here. >> president trump: you tell us when you are ready. >> arthel: now, it is time for some pictures. the men and women of the u.s. coast guard there in lake riviera beach florida. the president going over to thank the troops in person. they will serve a little turkey come out later. i'm not sure about that.
8:14 am
>> rick: there are a pile of sandwiches on the table. >> arthel: they are turkey sandwiches. >> rick: we heard them earlier thanking the troops overseas. we forget, it is 7:00 in kuwait. they are already eating dinner over there. it is almost midnight in hong kong for the sailors above, on board the uss ronald reagan. it is important to recognize our servicemen across the seas. on this holiday and every holiday. >> arthel: there they are with their military family. they are away from their loved ones, at home. we never forget all of our active military. we thank our troops for everything that they do for our country. >> rick: it is tough, man, it's tough. they do great work group often in trying circumstances. >> arthel: absolutely. >> rick: president trump is defending his decision not to punish the saudi crown prince.
8:15 am
saying the crown prince has denied any involvement in the killing. the president's tweeting this morning, "it's a mean & nasty world out there, the middle east in particular. this is a long and historic commitment, & one that is absolutely vital to america's national security." "i agree 100%. in addition, many billions of dollars of purchases made in u.s., big jobs & oil!" benjamin hall is live in london with more on this. >> hi, rick. on tuesday, president trump made his statement on the khashoggi affair. he laid out why the relationship with saudi arabia it was most important. the economy, oil, fighting tariffs together people sharing intelligence. he spoke very clearly on this thing out this point. >> president trump: they are denying it. we have hundreds of thousands -- do people really want me to give
8:16 am
up hundreds of thousands of jobs? frankly, if we went by the standard, we wouldn't be able to have anybody as an ally. >> encouraged by president trump's support saudi arabia has spoken out. further criticism is a redline. they call for the crown prince to be held accountable and it would not be tolerated. general matters commented, presidents don't get to work with a blemish partners in all things. we're not going to apologize for our human rights stance. nor are we going to apologize for working with saudi arabia when it is good for this and people who are in trouble. there are -- denmark will be halting exports of military clip and to saudi arabia because of that murder, but because of -- again, we heard president trump laying out his bigger picture
8:17 am
politic saying that saudi arabia must come for anything else and national security must come before anything else. both in congress, and elsewhere, some senators on the republican side also objected to this. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. >> rick: when he asked who was to blame, he said the world trip the world is a vicious place. take you very much, happy thanksgiving! >> arthel: after that conference with the troops, president trump took questions from reporters. saudi arabia came up. president trump said saudi arabia is a strong ally and we need saudi arabia. it is vital to national security. as the president right? >> he is right in the description that he offered. saudi arabia, regarding their leadership, now, that is involved in all of these questions. it's a strategic ally.
8:18 am
but more important, now, is that it is an important piece in containing iran. we have deployed a lot of sanctions. imagine the sanctions without having saudi arabia. saudi arabia is the head of a large group. from that perspective, saudi arabia is a strategic ally to the united states. >> arthel: what about as it pertains to iran? >> when it comes to iran, let's be very clear. iran is expanding. we all know that iran is now dominating iraq, syria, and lebanon. is a very large part of yemen. the center of this deployment, you have saudi arabia and its allies, trying to contain. that tells us more about the statement of the president. >> arthel: what is the effect of saudi arabia in oil on oil prices? >> it depends. but the president is trying to project is that the second largest producers with their allies, the other producers of
8:19 am
oil, they can stabilize the prices at a level that is acceptable for our economy and its stability of international economy. >> arthel: i want to go to this. the president was pretty defensive of mohammad bin salm salman. his ambiguity. he was very ambiguous towards that. what do you make of that? how does this play on the world stage as other leaders watch the president's reaction to the killing of mr. khashoggi. >> let's be very clear for a public. first of all, we don't have enough of information. we are handling this with minimum information to be able to judge on the matter. what we know, is that a journalist, a prominent journalist was killed and saw the consulate in istanbul.
8:20 am
we don't know how the order was given, unless somebody knows, they need to inform us. there is a political dimension to it for what we know, is other countries, some are allies, are not. damping conducting extradition or extraction of their own citizens. if you want to address this issue, as have an international conference on this issue. to ban or not been actions on this issue. regardless of this issue, he is crucial for the united states, and not just of containing iran, or the contracts. the most important thing i would say is that he deals with his deep reforms that would affect the entire muslim world. that is what we are having an opiate >> arthel: does that mean that the president -- we have to go thank you very much, sir, having thanks giving. >> rick: the president's
8:21 am
lawyer rudy giuliani is saying about the henry clinton email controversy. plus, the political impact of all of this, coming up next. breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> rick: the president's lawyer rudy giuliani taking aim at hillary clinton. saying that she needs to be investigated again over her email scandal in the 30,000 messages deleted. he tells them "of course she should be investigated. there are plenty of evidence that hillary obstructed justice by destroying evidence and a gross and massive way. this comes on the heels of a "new york times" report that the president one at the doj to prosecute clinton and former fbi director james comey. doug schoen, fox news
8:25 am
contributor for brooklyn. good morning to you both. happy thanksgiving. >> how are you? >> rick: i am good. where is this all going? >> i would have to say, with everything that happened with president trump and the border, the ability for the president to federalize a national guard and call forth the national guard in times of crisis and national emergency. >> rick: we are talking about hillary's emails, but we could get to the border. >> i am sorry. >> i will give you a to that. >> yes i totally -- >> rick: please. >> i think it is totally fair. we take a look at secretary clinton been at that from the start, we needed a second, special prosecutor, given what was alleged. i think what she has acknowledged, she did. let's give her the same scrutiny
8:26 am
that we have given president trial. i'm all for finishing the mueller investigation. i am all for starting a clinton investigation. >> rick: i am amazed that with everything going on in the world, we still have hillary clinton in the headlines. >> she is like. >> rick: okay, that is news that we are breaking here. not appropriate and we talk about the border? doug, let's go back to you. the president has made this a priority. very upset with the way the issue has been handled up until now at the border. what say you? >> i am one that is for border security. it isn't clear to me that we needed 5,000 troops at the border at the end of the election. i am, frankly, for during a compromise with the new democratic house. do border security.
8:27 am
through a pathway to citizenship to those that are here illegally, and protect the people, the dreamers. i think we can solve the problem, get the wall, get security done. i don't see the need for the 5,000 troops now, and to that empower them to a great extent than they previously had to support border patrols. i really think it's going beyond. >> rick: i think from being down and seeing it firsthand, the border patrol agents are grateful for any and all assistance they could get. they do have their hands full, especially in southeast texas. they are arresting or detaining people every single day. >> i wasn't disputing that, rick. i was saying supporting them is fine, i don't think we need to empower them to a greater extent as the president and chief of staff has tried to do. i think we would want to focus on getting a deal done to have
8:28 am
border security going forward on a bipartisan basis, rather than having to the slipshod -- that's the wrong word. but having had hazard, rather than having a better, more organized concerned, bipartisan approach to the overall problem. >> rick: we are going to wrap this statement a little bit early because of the anguish that was used in the segment, and we apologize to her viewers to for that. where you going to be spending this thanks giving? >> i'm going to be spending it with my 92-year-old mother and family. i wish to all viewers, certainly commit to you and to anna, a very good holiday. i hope for bipartisanship, and amity going forward. we want to protect our country. >> rick: sounds good to me. doug, thank you very much. >> arthel: we are all americans, and that is the focus that we want to reiterate.
8:29 am
we do not condone the language that anna displayed here. we apologize to secretary clinton for that. fox news does not condone her sentiment. we will be back. it is thanksgiving, guys, lighten up. come on. your mornings were made for better things
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where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. >> a new threat from the president about the caravan of migrants in tijuana, mexico. as he warns, he may have to close the border. alicia acuna is following the story live from denver. happy thanks giving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. he did make the statement after a thanksgiving teleconference with troops overseas. he told reporters that he is willing to close the u.s.-mexico border if necessary. >> president trump: we find that if it gets to a level where we are going to lose control, or people are going to start getting hurt, we will close
8:33 am
entry into the country for a period of time until we get under control. >> earlier this week, the u.s. box traffic coming into the u.s. from mexico for several hours. to put up new security barriers after residence in tijuana at a protest on sunday over the arriving central american migrants. on wednesday, secretary of defense teams allowing order for use of force by active-duty personnel. writing reporters, most of the 5800 troops on the southern border are not armed. they are there to serve as support for the national guard and border patrol. they are also putting up wire barriers and fences with help from one commander that many will be home by christmas. on a timeline, secretary mattis said that some of the troops will be. we can anticipate by how many miles of wire the engineers have to place, and we think they will be done. we know how to lay wire, we know about the rate we can do it over certain types of terrain. so, as long as dhs doesn't
8:34 am
assign us to make more wire, which they could, then we can anticipate they would be home. as a number of asylum-seekers at the border continues to increase, about 100 are being processed by immigration authorities today. >> rick: it feels like the temperature is 1 degree in new york today. i'm curious about the weather in denver. >> we are going to have a high of 60, today. >> rick: oh, my, are you kidding me? >> i love denver, i'm telling you. that's why. >> you have thousands of people freezing their tails off in new york watching the parade. it truly doesn't seem fair. enjoy it, though. >> it doesn't seem fair, i'm sure. it is still new york. it was glamorous and glorious, in and of itself. >> you got it right. >> my phone here says that the temperature, stupid. there is no number. [laughter] >> rick: i would agree with that.
8:35 am
>> arthel: a holiday away from home. more than a thousand people in the merrimack valley are spending thanksgiving without gas. that is near the massachusetts-new hampshire border. gas explosions leveled homes and today, thousands, unfortunately, still don't have gas. the company responsible is paying for them to stay in hotels and apartments, and trailers. >> we are living here in the trailer, because no other choi choice. it's a small place, but we are right here. i'm happy, because i would be celebrating thanksgiving. but we survived. >> arthel: the company's columbia gas. it's also giving free thanksgiving meals to people displaced. >> rick: if you go outside in the northeast, today, you had better bundle up. it is the coldest thanksgiving,
8:36 am
ever, here in new york city. these frigid temperatures, we think might stop able, but they're not. you're not stopping thousands from gathering along the parade route. bryan is among those gathered in the cold. >> it is over in this section, a 2.5-mile route. the parade is still continuing down by 34th, and ends at noon. millions of people, over 3 million people lined up on the parade route for hours. people here at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. it was the coldest thanksgiving day parade in new york history. this parade started in 1924. the temperature this morning was 20 degrees. that breaks the record from 1930 when it was 21 degrees. this not only the coldest thanksgiving day parade, it is the coldest thanksgiving day for my use of americans in the northeast. and in new york, it is going to
8:37 am
be the coldest thanksgiving says 1901. those 16 giant characters that are famous, over the world, and there was a concern, this morning, that the winds were going to be so strong that they weren't going to be able to fly them. luckily, they were able to fly them this morning, although they were a little lower than normal. just out of out of caution, because of the gusty winds, the mayor told everybody here to bring all of their -- every single piece of warm clothing they had. people were mostly here. the crowd looked exactly like it looked last year when it wasn't as cold. it is not just here in new york, the record temperatures are all over the northeast. it is going to break records for millions of people. either way, for travel, last night, everything seems to be looking good in terms of what we see in the air. last night, there was an amtrak train, 68, traveling from montreal to new york city. two of the cars actually separated during that train ride script 278 passengers were
8:38 am
forced to move on to another train. there were some issues, they are, with travel. over 54 million people traveling. over 3 million people join the thanksgiving day parade. so far, in terms of travel delays, nothing crazy at the airport. no major cancellations or delays. the thanksgiving day parade this year was absolutely beautiful, despite it being bitterly, bitterly cold. diana ross, john legend, the new balloon this year. it was fantastic. it was a good time. i don't know if you know the character from "dragon ball z." >> now, it is not normally this cold here. this is unusual. >> arthel: it is unusual. it's really cold. >> rick: november. it shouldn't. add to be clear, they inflated the balloon, bryan, you said they blew them out. they weren't blowing them up, but they were blowing them up.
8:39 am
>> you are right, you're right, you're right. i apologize. they weren't destroying them. >> rick: good. that's good to know. what is your favorite quote? your favorite? >> i have to say it was goku. it was a "dragon ball z" anime character. usually it is the grinch. the grant gets me every year. >> arthel: have you had any siding of diana ross? >> i didn't get to see her. john's legends, he went right past us, but he was on the other side of the float. that didn't do us any good, because we were on the other side of the street. i saw him from behind, he was waving at everybody. >> rick: when i walked in this morning, it was well before 7:00 a.m. people were sitting out there in blankets, and coats, and hats, and gloves, huddled against the cold. >> arthel: if you do not live here, and you are here, you have to enjoy it. i could said earlier, you have to see it at least one time.
8:40 am
>> i think it is worth it. new year's eve, i think, you do it wants, new year's eve, i think you do it once in the times square. thanksgiving day parade, i would do more than once despite it being called. >> rick: i've been to new year's eve 15 times in times square. that is another story. bryan, thank you very much. >> take care, guys. >> rick: in california, deadly wildfires are continuing to ravage that state, leaving thousands of people's homes in ruins on the thanks giving. are some businesses helping survivors with some comfort today? >> every world in the world is >> every world in the world is an information and the car has become an accessory to the smartphone sere proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors.
8:41 am
i'm martyn briggs for bank of america merrill lynch.
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8:43 am
cihello, i'm an idaho as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> rick: it is a tough, holiday season for a lot of families in northern california this year with thousands of homes destroyed by the deadly campfire. local businesses and volunteers are pulling together. together. evacuees and volunteers can enjoy a thanksgiving dinner.
8:44 am
join me now is the ceo of the severe nevada brewing company. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. sierra nevada brewing company along with the town of paradise, world central kitchens and chico state university, got together to put together a home-cooked thanksgiving dinner for the evacuees and families impacted by the campfire. >> rick: how many people are you serving this year? >> we expect to serve 15,000 people. thanksgiving dinner today. there will be three official locations plus various shelters. at sierra nevada brewing company alone, we expect 1500 to 15000 folks coming through for what we hope to be a really delicious family dinner. >> rick: have you calculated the cost of serving 15,000
8:45 am
people? >> you know, we haven't. local businesses, and businesses all over have been incredibly generous in donating food. this isn't a time where we are thinking about costs. we are thinking about serving the community, and trying to give a moment of thankfulness and normalcy to all of these folks that are impacted. >> rick: that is fantastic. the obvious question is, are you serving beer, sierra nevada, beer, to be specific? >> we will not be serving sierra nevada beer. >> rick: why not? >> some of the folks are really young. >> rick: give it to the adults. to go true, i'm sure they needed. we need to get people in and out so we can get all of the people served. i'm afraid if we serve beer, people won't want to move on and give up a seat for somebody else. >> rick: want the pictures of that region are remarkable.
8:46 am
it just awful. tell us. >> i am a chico resident for about six years now. i live in chico. thankfully, my family are not are not directly impacted. the local towns of paradise, regalia, the neighboring towns, and there are none of us that aren't impacted in some way. everybody knows someone, their neighbor, their friend, the relative group at the brewery, we had just under 15% of our employees living in one of those towns. we are all impacted. the closest i personally got was during evacuation time. while the brewery wasn't evacuated, the fires came extremely close and we closed the brewery, immediately, to make sure that everybody was out
8:47 am
of harm's way. >> rick: there are also concerns about the weather. is it raining today? is it bad? >> it was raining when i left this morning. we had some really torrential down fars. it is a mixed blessing. it is great for the firefighters in the fire, but we had quite a few people that are camped outside. there was a big push to get them indoors in shelters yesterday. that will continue. >> rick: a question for you as well. >> arthel: i would love to hear what the volunteers tell you, what makes them come out to help people in need. >> it is hard to describe, and quite frankly, it is quite emotional. i think, you can tell a lot about an individual by their reflexive reaction to a crisis. to a person, everyone i met, immediately ran towards the problem. the outpouring of the community of our employees, everyone i met was immediately -- how do we help?
8:48 am
in fact, in some areas, we had too much help in terms of clothing and like it's and the like. the outpouring continues. there will be over 1,000 plus volunteers for just two days dinner. that includes, amazingly, the whole mass of first responders and firefighters, as if they haven't already given enough. they said they also want to volunteer to serve food. it is incredibly rewarding. these are family. it seems cliche, but it is moments like these that you really realize what community means and what is really important. we have seen everyone step up, and it is wonderful. >> rick: obviously this is a community that will continue to need help, just based on those pictures. all of those homes that have been destroyed. all of those people that are homeless. hundreds of people are still missing and unaccounted for. there is a great need there and will be's for some time.
8:49 am
we certainly appreciate you coming in today and talking about this and stepping up for the folks. >> i appreciate you letting us. >> arthel: we will keep their story in the headlines, for su sure. meanwhile, fresh from their presidential pardon, peas and carrots are celebrating thanks giving in their new home. gobblers rest at virginia tech in blackford virginia where they will be cared for by students and veterinarians at the school. the turkeys who got to meet the president earlier in the first lady, they will be on display for the public tomorrow. >> rick: peas and carrots. >> arthel: peas and carrots. don't pass the peas and carrots in this case. that was bad. we push, now, and this thanksgiving day, unfortunately, we don't have all good news to celebrate. but, i thought we were going to go to another story, but we are not. we are going to keep it nice and happy on this thanksgiving day.
8:50 am
thank you for joining us, and we will be back in a break. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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>> the los angeles district attorney declining to pursue felony charges against controversy or lawyer. instead, the d.a. referring the
8:54 am
case for a possible misdemeanor charge. he is known for representing former star stormy daniels, he was arrested last week after his girlfriend told -- he allegedly physically attacked her at his apartment. >> this fox news alert on this american missionary who lost his life on the coast of india. 26-year-old was killed by members of a tribe on the remote, north central island. the tribe has been known to shoot outsiders with bows and arrows. they are trying to figure out how to recover his body. senior foreign affairs reporter amy kellogg is live with this. >> hi, rick. the tribe on north central island is isolated. they are so fearful of outsiders that basically, when the tsunamis hit the indian ocean back in 2004, thi shot arrows at the rescue helicopters that the air force sent to go after them.
8:55 am
they are said to not have had any contact with neighboring communities in over 30 years. it is forbidden by law to approach them. according to the president of the mission that he is affiliated with, he said, basically, he wanted to bring the gospel to the people of this tiny island. it is is off of indian they are said to be 50 left on the planet. tribal anthropologists have been sent to try to deal with them in this situation to retrieve his body. he is a native of washington and said by friends to have been a tremendous adventurer, and felt closer to god and the outdoors. he apparently had planned this trip for some time and was turned back on an earlier attempt to reach the island after being shot at by an arrow that pierced his waterproof bible. he went back bearing gifts, and that time, he was, in fact, killed in a hail of arrows.
8:56 am
an anthropologist explain the sensitivity about approaching the tribe. >> if i go there, i am -- if i even sit in with them, i may pass hundreds of thousands with them. and they can die with influenza, a simple thing like flu can kill them. they are not immune do anything. >> his family devastated, obviously. they posted a message on instagram saying that, they forgive the killers. i have also asked that the seven locals, not of the island, of course, but nearby, who actually helped him get to the island, fishermen, who have been arrested for facilitating this ill-fated trip be released from custody. complicated story. >> and remarkable. >> we are learning about some of these people that are so remote, we've never heard of them. >> rick: amy kellogg, thanks. have a great thanks giving.
8:57 am
and you, have a great thanksgiving. >> i'm going to have a great thanksgiving. i hope you will as well. >> rick: it will be a good game tonight. happy holidays! >> happy thanksgiving. it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums the pressure cooker that crisps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one. with tendercrisp technology, food will be juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. (upbeat drumming) the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. the ninja foodi, still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪
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♪ >> melissa: lawmakers may be on a break for the holiday, but questions are growing over what to expect with the new divided congress, when they take charge just weeks from now. happy thanksgiving to everybody out there, and thank you for joining us on this very special day. i melissa francis. here today is, of course, harris faulkner. and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. fox news contributor jessica tarlov, joining us on the couch, talking bulls and bears on the fox business network, david essman. he has outnumbered. my former partner! >> david: i miss you terribly! every day. when you see somebody every day,


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